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blended diploma

Flexible mixed mode learning with blended face-to-face and online classes.

Huxley School of Makeup offers two Diploma streams of study; either our traditional On Campus Diploma of Screen and Media Specialist Makeup Services or our blended learning option with both online and block learning classes.

The Blended Diploma allows students to undertake a HUXLEY course even if they are unable to attend full-time or part-time studies on campus. Units offered in the blended program are designed to enable students to attain a nationally recognised accreditation as a professional makeup artist. This mode of study is flexible and affordable!

Students are challenged throughout the program to develop a deep understanding of makeup through our online portal and intensive block training held at various locations around the country. Training blocks are held at different times throughout the year and correspond with particular subjects and benchmarks. Students are then required to practice these techniques between block training workshops.

As an added bonus, students will also have the opportunity to have their work professionally photographed by an experienced photographer. Students have 24/7 access to our online portal and can discuss their progress weekly with scheduled correspondence with our experienced trainers. Submitting your work for review and appraisal couldn’t be easier as students have the ability to upload and download both videos and photos from our portal.

The Blended Diploma Course gives students the perfect base to build a career as a professional makeup artist or give them a pathway into advanced and specialty courses. Advanced special effects subjects, such as life-casting are not offered in the Blended Diploma. However, students who wish to advance their skills may wish to undertake further studies on campus through workshops.

Graduating from HUXLEY is a prestigious achievement recognised by industry professionals and employers for producing future makeup leaders. Successfully graduated students will gain both their Diploma Certificate and their official educational transcript of completed units of competency.

CUAPPR505  |  Establish and maintain safe creative practice

CUAIND502  |  Maintain and apply creative arts industry knowledge

CUAMUP401  |  Design, apply and remove make-up

CUAMUP503  |  Design and apply special make-up effects

BSBMKG413  |  Promote products and services

CUAMUP402  |  Maintain make-up and hair continuity

CUAMUP403  |  Style hair for performances or productions

CUAMUP502  |  Design and apply specialised make-up

CUAMUP504  |  Create prosthetics for special make-up effects

BSBCRT501  |  Originate and develop concepts

MSTFD5007  |  Analyse influences on contemporary fashion designs

BSBCRT402  |  Collaborate in a creative process

CUASFX401  |  Create special effects items

CUAPRP402  |  Use casting and moulding techniques to make props

CUAMUP404  |  Style wigs and hairpieces for performances or production

CUAPPR502  |  Develop own sustainable professional practice

CUAPPR503  |  Present a body of own creative work

CUAPPR501  |  Realise a body of creative work

CUARES503  |  Analyse cultural history and theory

BSBSMB401  |  Establish legal and risk management requirements of small business

CUAACD501  |  Refine drawing and other visual representation tools

BSBCMM401  |  Make a presentation

CUADIG508  |  Refine digital art techniques

LMTGN3003B  |  Estimate and cost job

BSBMKG501  |  Identify and evaluate marketing opportunities

BSBREL401  |  Establish networks

You must be living in Australia while you study.

This qualification is open to all experience levels, from a total newbie to a skilled professional. However, during the application process students must demonstrate passion, drive and determination to learn about makeup and the makeup industry to be a successful candidate.

DURATION: 40 Weeks 

STUDY MODE: Blended & Face-to-Face (5x 5 day face-to-face blocks & flexible mixed-mode learning)

This program is run over 40 weeks with a mixture of face-to-face classes, projects, and online learning.  This program is our most flexible combining 5 face-to face blocks with online learning. There are 2 locations for the blocks; Gold Coast and Far North Queensland in Townsville. You can live anywhere in Australia and attend the face-to-face blocks in either of these locations.
Often people living in regional towns miss out on high-quality educational opportunities. Our Blended Diploma of Screen and Media Specialist Makeup Services, is the highest qualification in professional makeup artistry currently offered as a mixed-mode delivery. Students gain all the knowledge and experience required to work as a professional MUA while having the flexibility to juggle their schooling around their lifestyle.
This modern education method is becoming increasingly more popular as it allows the student flexibility without compromising practical experience. Throughout the course, students work on key makeup disciplines and develop a deep understanding of industry practices. They network with industry professionals and throughout the course gain personal mentorship.
The final block week is made up of 6 exciting portfolio photoshoots. The students work on various concepts throughout the course and execute these looks with a professional photographer. HUXLEY students are exposed to all makeup artistry fields, including special effects, theatre, fashion, bridal, commercial production, and many more. If you are looking for a flexible course that covers everything from core skills to advanced techniques, then the Blended Diploma of Screen and Media Specialist Makeup Services, (that’s a mouth full right…) is the course for you!

COURSE FEE: $18,500* (Must make a deposit of 50% to secure your spot in the course**).

> As an Australian Government supported program, eligible students can apply for VET Student Loans and may be able to access Government subsidies off the full course fees. Therefore, in most cases, successfully enrolled students will not have an upfront cost to pay besides the student kit fee. For more information about VET Student Loans, payment plans, or anything to do with fees and services please do not hesitate to ask.

MAKEUP KIT: $2000* Includes everything you need! (If you pay the kit upfront there are no additional costs. If you go on a payment plan for your kit a $250 admin fee will incur).

HUXLEY SHIRT: $35 – $45

At HUXLEY our goal is to create equal opportunity for all prospective students. Every effort has been made to ensure the information provided on this website is true and accurate at the time it was published. For more information regarding what your fees and your journey at HUXLEY will look like, contact one of our friendly team members!

*This price has been revised as of May 2023. The price for this course and the kit may be subject to change. 

**The first deposit (50% of total) will secure your position as a HUXLEY student and is non-refundable. The last 50% must be paid off before course completion.

ASH MAJOR  HUXLEY blended diploma graduate based in Townsville, currently works as a pro MUA in the field of digital content creation & as a salon artist.

DEVELOP a career in one of the worlds largest industries






Turn your skills into a career.

Regardless of your career aspirations and industry interests, HUXLEY has the courses to help students reach their full potential and bridge the gap between education and employment opportunities.
A piece of paper doesn’t equal a job. At HUXLEY we understand what employers, clients, and organisations require from their artists.

The best way to learn and reach your goals is to total immerse yourself in your chosen discipline. At HUXLEY students have access to experienced, passionate industry leaders who have actually done it all before. They gain real-world experience on exciting in-class collaborations and shoots while developing a deep understanding of relevant industry knowledge and practices.

The scope of employment for professionals within the makeup industry is extremely broad. Common fields such as film, cosmetics, and bridal industries are well known. However, the breadth of employment opportunities extends to e-commerce, fashion, commercial, and even non-traditionally creative industries such as marketing, business development, and product development to name a few. Even within certain fields, individuals throughout their career specialise in areas that interest them. For example, in film there are specialisations ranging from on set applications to manufacturing props and effects to concept design and project management.

HUXLEY is extremely well-connected to the Film & TV industry as our students have continually demonstrated fantastic work ethics and are always welcomed back. Half of our trainers and past students are also actively working on-set too, so we are always keeping up with the latest training and trends. As a HUXLEY student, you will get real-world experience and be offered opportunities to work on the latest unreleased productions; an irreplaceable addition to your resume. 

Gold Coast has a booming film industry with a new studio opening in 2023 as well as the iconic Village Roadshow Studios where Aquaman and Thor were filmed (of course our students were there!). On almost all productions, you can expect to be well looked after and food catered to you. Non-disclosure agreement (NDA) documents will need to be signed, and you will get contracted work periods or consistent hours. 

You must have the knowledge to understand the difference between working in the snow, sun, and water, whatever it may be the makeup team need to use the correct products and process for the makeup to stay. Sunscreen is a huge factor, remember that. Learning how to keep the cast camera ready and maintain sunscreen.

Recommend for you: Diploma of Screen & Media Specialist Makeup Services & Professional Hairstyling Course

The bridal industry is HUGE, so there is a consistent demand for makeup artists and hair stylists. Some weddings exceed $10k in payment for the bridal party’s makeup and hair!

Your makeup brushes must be cleaned between use on each individual at the bridal party. Your kit must be easy to pack up and unpack from your car, and also needs to be ready for everything and anything. Some artists even do a trial, this way your client knows what to expect so there is less pressure and stress on the big day. 

You can work with an assistant, or a team, or go solo and complete the bride and bridesmaid’s makeup and hair. We highly recommend that you complete the hair course as it is easy for your client to hire one person for both jobs. Remember to look presentable so you don’t ruin their photos!

Recommend for you: Diploma of Screen & Media Specialist Makeup Services & Professional Hairstyling Course

Can you imagine yourself working in fashion, commercial, or media productions?

In our Diploma course, we often offer a unit for bridal where we collaborate with companies that provide us with dresses, suits, jewellery, intimates, and accessories. You will also be exposed to an abundance of work experience which often feature local fashion projects and startup looking for makeup assistants.

Recommend for you: Diploma of Screen & Media Specialist Makeup Services & Professional Hairstyling Course

If you like gore, horror, sci-fi, a little patience, and a keen eye for detail, a Special Effects Makeup career is just for you!

HUXLEY offer a full special effects block taught by SFX master Rick Connelly. Rick is one of the highest-regarded artists and has worked on films such as the Matrix series, Wolverine, Wolf Creek, and Moulin Rouge. He is still active in the industry so is always up to date with the latest industry expectations, best-preparing students for the real world.

In the Diploma course, you will get your hands dirty through sculpting and prepping scars, wounds, cuts, bruises, and also creating your very own zombie and alien character.

Recommend for you: Diploma of Screen & Media Specialist Makeup Services & 1-on-1 Workshop Course Special Effects Units (unaccredited)

Would you call yourself a leader and an all-round boss *insert word for female dog*?

To start your own brand and/or product you need drive, passion, and coffee. All jokes aside, this is a very rewarding career pathway that will be like raising and nurturing a child. 

The HUXLEY Diploma course will provide you with foundational business acumen and skills that can help you startup and grow your own business. We also offer private workshops to excel your business skills.

Recommend for you: Diploma of Screen & Media Specialist Makeup Services, Professional Hairstyling Course & Private Business Mentorship Workshops (unaccredited) 

Artists often work behind the scenes assisting in the lead-up to the show, and during the show. Some of the skills required involved include the ability to assist with quick changes and an understanding of continuity. Artists will also take precautions in regard to the health and safety of the cast and must follow a process for the application or removal of makeup and wigs. You might already picture yourself in the makeup, hair and wigs styling, or performative department, and HUXLEY’s courses will best prepare you for a role in this industry. 

Our past students got the opportunity to work on some exciting shows such as Priscilla, Queen of the Desert The Musical, which was showcased at The Star Casino on the Gold Coast. Across Australia, there are performing arts centres that encourage an abundance of work for young creatives. 

There are many venues that host theatre performances such as HOTA, QPAC, Her Majesty Theatre, Sydney Opera House, and Athenaeum Theatre, to name a few. Touring companies can also employ you for interstate or international positions. This often includes travel costs, accommodation, and special allowances – How cool!

Recommend for you: Diploma of Screen & Media Specialist Makeup ServicesProfessional Hairstyling Course

Become unstoppable as a content creator. Earn income from brand collaborations, manage your social media, and understand how to market yourself. Anyone can become an influencer or content creator, you just have to find a niche and consistency is key.

One of our past students Ash Major, now thrives off of her presence online since going viral. Ash has collaborated with major brands such as Fenty Beauty and Sephora. 

Growing by the week, this type of career pathway is accessible to young creatives, especially if you have the skills and knowledge we teach at HUXLEY. We go over everything business, lighting, social media, marketing, how to create reels, making posts engaging, editing, copywriting; literally EVERYTHING.

Recommend for you: Diploma of Screen & Media Specialist Makeup Services, Professional Hairstyling Course & 1-on-1 Workshop with our Social Media Team to learn tips and tricks

Want to make a cool character like Thing (the hand) from the Addams Family?

HUXLEY offer a full special effects block taught by SFX master Rick Connelly. Rick is one of the highest-regarded artists and has worked on films such as the Matrix series, Wolverine, Wolf Creek, and Moulin Rouge. He is still active in the industry so is always up to date with the latest industry expectations, best-preparing students for the real world.

In the Diploma course, you will get your hands dirty through sculpting and prepping scars, wounds, cuts, bruises, and also creating your very own zombie and alien character. We also offer workshops to teach you how to sculpt like a professional!

Recommend for you: Diploma of Screen & Media Specialist Makeup Services & 1-on-1 workshop with SFX HUXLEY Master

Where would be without our makeup, lash, brow, skin, nail, and cosmetics queens.

Beauty services is an industry that will NEVER die. You often will work in a salon with other professionals that offer complementary services, however many artists are now choosing to rent a chair at shared spaces such as Hair Skin Nail to reduce overhead costs.

Recommend for you: Diploma of Screen & Media Specialist Makeup Services, Professional Hairstyling Course & Ask us about a Beauty Service Workshop as we host them with professionals during the year.

You need confidence, time management, and a day-to-day work-orientated mindset before you consider freelancing as a career.

You will wear about five to ten hats as a freelancer, including the service provider, boss, accounts manager, customer service, human resource, legal advisor, creative director, content creator, cleaner, and we could go on…

The Diploma that we offer at HUXLEY has a whole unit based on providing freelance services and how to use social media the right way. We discuss everything from how to manage yourself and your business, to capturing and writing good content, to creating professional invoices.

Recommend for you: Diploma of Screen & Media Specialist Makeup Services & Professional Hairstyling Course 

The possibilities of taking the pathway of Fine Art are ENDLESS. Whether it is body art, performative art, sculpting prosthetics, installations, photography, illustration, painting, or whatever it may be, HUXLEY’s practical assessments allow you to practice foundational skills that get your creative juices flowing.

Each look you design at HUXLEY will be based on a concept or topic. This means you will develop a story and meaning behind your intention to get to the final outcome. As a creative, you will be subjective of “good” and “bad” art, however, do not let what one person says dictate what you love and are passionate about. We continuously encourage students to push their boundaries and test different mediums to produce beautiful designs; our Instagram is a great depiction of this.

In our HUXLEY diploma course, we cover units in beauty and prosthetics, body art, and also provide guidance for freelance services. You will experiment with foundational skills, graduate with a professional visual portfolio, and be able to start your business successfully.

Recommend for you: Diploma of Screen & Media Specialist Makeup Services & Professional Hairstyling Course

The community of drag is stronger than ever before. This is an exceptional opportunity for those that like to entertain, get into character through makeup and hair, dance, have unmatched lyrical memory, and do not take things too seriously.

Many of our pasts students have grown into successful queens performing at venues such as Fluffy Nights in Brisbane’s Cloudland, Pink Flamingo, Chameleon Bar, Miami Marketta, and other venues across South-East Queensland.

As you werk, sweat, and slay, you need to consider the products you are using, how to achieve your look, style hair and wigs, and also have a sense of fashion as you dress from head to toe. All of this is covered in our drag unit included in the Diploma course!

Recommend for you: Diploma of Screen & Media Specialist Makeup Services, Professional Hairstyling Course1-on-1 Colour matching and product knowledge session to best prepare you

Want an industry that is always in demand? This one is for you!

Think hair and makeup for brand collaborations, campaign productions, corporate head shots, media appearances, photoshoots and videos as well as television commercials or productions.

In our Diploma course you will be exposed to the behind the scenes of what goes into commercial projects and also during your photoshoots and on work experience you will learn invaluable skills you will continue to use in your career.

Recommend for you: Diploma of Screen & Media Specialist Makeup Services & Professional Hairstyling Course 

Ever thought of creating your own product line in makeup, haircare, or skincare?

The knowledge you gain by studying the Diploma course with HUXLEY will set up foundational skills (no pun intended) to understand how makeup, hair, and skin products apply differently. There are many variable to consider such as skin type, skin texture, brush bristles, wet brush, blending motion, product ingredients, the weather temperature; all these factors are just some that contribute to thoughtful and successful cosmetic manufacturing. 

Recommend for you: Diploma of Screen & Media Specialist Makeup Services & our NEW Certificate II Retail Cosmetics & III in Makeup.

Call us for more information on the Certificate course.



  • Complexion 101
  • Contouring
  • Brows
  • Lips
  • Colour theory
  • Natural makeup
  • Editorial makeup
  • Mature makeup
  • Masculine makeup and grooming
  • Camouflage makeup
  • Makeup for dark complexion
  • Defining eyes
  • Smokey eyes
  • Wings
  • Cut Crease
  • Bridal makeup
  • Social media
  • Content creation
  • Promote products and services
  • Customer service
  • Preparing quotes and invoicing
  • Prosthetic application
  • Prosthetic colouring
  • Aging
  • Kit FX 
  • On-set etiquette
  • Tattoos for film
  • Continuity for film
  • On set touch-ups
  • On-set tools and products
  • Facial hairpieces and application
  • Hairpieces
  • Wig styling and maintenance
  • Wig application
  • Basic hair styling for performance
  • DRAG Makeup
  • Asian cultures design
  • Period Makeup
  • Fashion & commercial concepts
  • Avant-Garde design
  • Body art
  • Colour theory
  • Bruises and blood
  • Burns and scars
  • Intro to sculpting
  • Encapsulated flat plate moulds
  • Bloodline fundamentals
  • Bald caps
  • Character design & script
  • Breakdown
    Character illustration & design
  • Major injury design
  • Making simple props – for example; severed fingers, ears eyeballs
  • Lifecasting full face
  • Lifecasting appendages
  • Character 1: Zombie, Vampire, or Witch
  • Character 2 – Silicon prosthetics: Fantasy, humanoid, or alien
  • General OH&S
  • COVID-Safe Practices
  • Kit knowledge, Setup, Maintainance, & Cleanliness
  • Onset safe practices
  • Risk assessment practice


All the photos on our website were created in class at HUXLEY!
Pretty incredible considering many of our students start with little to no experience.

what makes HUXLEY different?

HUXLEY courses are designed by industry professionals, for industry professionals. Courses are thorough, meticulous and inspiring. These attributes help HUXLEY students become more employable!

To be clear, it’s all about the experience at HUXLEY! The obvious benefit is portfolio development. The real hero is the experience of working under the pump while developing their visual acuity for modern aesthetics. Plus, they get the opportunity to develop a ton of content for their social media channels.

Unlike at other education providers where the highlight of the course is a hypothetical scenario requiring you to stick a foam rabbits nose on your model… At HUXLEY students collaborate with companies like Village Road Show, Brands like YSL and even produce their own incredible characters for short films. Oh the SHADE of it all!

Here are just some of the blockbuster films HUXLEY has sent students to: Elvis, Aquaman, Thor, Dora the Explorer (live action), Pirates of the Caribbean the list goes on! Students have also been placed on productions like Mamma Mia the musical, music videos, fashion shows, campaigns for major brands, and even worked with massive social media influencers. Every term there are different opportunities. However, one thing is for sure: HUXLEY has the connections!

Trends, products, and techniques are constantly changing. HUXLEY is always at the forefront of current education practices and industry standards. How do we know for certain? Our course topics are adapted for every single intake!

HUXLEY has a database with over 600 models who come in and work with our students on shoot projects. Many of our models have gone on to work on incredible campaigns, major productions, and gain representation with incredible modeling agencies!

Students who enrol in our Diploma course receive discounted rates for our Professional Hair Styling Course and other specialty workshops. Ask one of our friendly team members for more info on prices and availability.

Outside regular classes, Monday to Friday during business hours, students have the opportunity to take advantage of facilities to practice and create content! There are often trainers around who can also give you extra guidance and feedback.

None of this, 5 colours of foundation nonsense! Seriously though… students get an incredible kit and work with industry standard products.

HUXLEY students have worked with brands like Mercedes-Benz, Moana Bikini, Lorna Jane and L’Oreal to name a few. Image graduating a course and already you have developed a comprehensive portfolio and worked with iconic brands like Mercedes-Benz. Resume on point!!

HUXLEY trainers are goals! They have years of actual industry experience working in all aspects of the makeup industry.

You never know who you’ll meet at school. You might end up working with them in the future or become life long friends!

Our amazing students in Townsville worked on an exciting avant-garde makeup project that unintentionally became postcard moments for the region, Castle Hill.


The entire team at HUXLEY genuinely cares about each and every student. As for HUXLEY trainers, they are extremely skilled and experienced, and you can trust they will help you maximise your educational outcomes!


blended diploma

Limited places available by application only!

WE ARE more than a makeup school!

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