The Huxley School of Makeup is a unique, exclusive, educational institution, which provides practical, unbiased makeup courses that inspire, inform and develop makeup skills. Students can expect to learn essential techniques and industry standard skills.  As an internationally accredited company, HUXLEY courses are delivered to the highest standards.

Experienced and qualified trainers put HUXLEY students development first. Constructive teaching methods and personalised learning creates the ideal environment to become a professional makeup artist.  Studying at the Huxley School of Makeup is an experience which forms the foundation, (no pun intended) for a career in the makeup industry.  HUXLEY graduates have gone on to work in all aspects of the makeup industry both nationally and around the world.

HUXLEY students are carefully selected to ensure a positive, professional and studious class dynamic.  All HUXLEY courses are unbiased, non discriminatory, intense and meticulous.  To graduate at the Huxley School of Makeup carries an unrivalled prestige.  With real-world work experience placement, photographic and video portfolio development, up to date course content and skilled industry experienced trainers, the Huxley School of Makeup is Australia’s BEST place to study makeup!



The Huxley School of Makeup has successfully completed rigorous compliance processes to become Internationally ISO accredited.  This certification demonstrates our committed to our customers and the growth of our company.  As a brand the Huxley School of Makeup has both a national and international reputation for excellence.  Our graduate students have gone on to work in all aspects of makeup both locally and overseas.  HUXLEY is the only makeup school in Australia with this specific accreditation.


HUXLEY students are known for their diligence, professionalism and talent.  Through an intense application process, HUXLEY students are carefully selected based on their passion and drive.  Since all our students have a shared enthusiasm, are focused and dedicated; it creates a positive class room dynamic.  Small classes and a shared interest in makeup, allows the students to connect with each other quickly.  These bonds enable the graduate to network better in the future and form long lasting connections which are beneficial from a career and personal perspective.


The Huxley School of Makeup prides itself on an almost perfect completion rate!  HUXLEY students take their training very seriously and thus, put in a remarkable amount of effort throughout their courses.  Equiped with industry standard skills, a massive professional portfolio, and various real world work experience, HUXLEY students are highly employable!

It is extremely exciting to see HUXLEY graduates succeeding in their given career paths; whether that is working on feature films, TV Shows like X-Factor, excelling in the bridal industry, working from massive makeup retailers like MAC, MECCA and SEPHORA or succeeding in their own freelance business ventures.


As an ethical and sustainable education provider, the Huxley School of Makeup contributes to the local economy by providing skilled workers to the greater community.  For the last three years in a row the Huxley School of Makeup has been recognised as a high performing business being selected as a finalist for the National Telstra Business Awards and the Gold Coast Young Entrepreneur Awards.


At the Huxley School of Makeup, students don’t need to battle for attention from their trainers.  Having smaller classes, ensures our students get lots of personal attention, but also gives trainers and student liaison officers the opportunity to get to know them.  HUXLEY students have fun and in a positive class environment have the opportunity to make friends with like-minded people.


The Huxley School of Makeup does not discriminate based on ethnicity, religion, gender or sexual preference!  The core focus of the school is to create a fun, safe and welcoming learning environment which which is positive and free from judgement.  To BE INSPIRED, BE INFORMED & to BE YOURSELF!


The Huxley School of Makeup believes that it is essential to have your work critically assessed and constructive feedback applied to assigned tasks.  Receiving technical advice from the experienced trainers at HUXLEY enables our students to grow their knowledge and understanding of makeup while quickly improving their tactical dexterity through the art of makeup.  HUXLEY students also grain a unique perspective of current trends and throughout their course develop their visual acuity for fashion and film aesthetics, attributed greatly by work experience placements, trainer guidance and through the curation of various in class portfolio building projects.


Years of makeup training experience have given the Huxley School of Makeup a wealth of resources and understanding of best teaching practices for makeup artistry.  Courses at HUXLEY have a unique structure and delivery method which cultivates exceptional results.  We have also adopted aspects of the critically acclaimed Pearson & Gallagher (1983) ‘Gradual Release of Responsibility’ teaching model.  This model sees students interact in a four phase learning environment:

Focused lessons – “I do it”

Guided Instructions – “We do it”

Collaborative tasks – “You do it together” and

Independent activities – “You do it alone”

In addition to this method the Huxley School of Makeup includes various project based classes which inspire creativity from the students.  It also creates accountability for their work and the various photo shoot and video shoots are a massive motivating force.  Business and personal development classes help the students to become real world ready.  Incredible collaborations with inspiring brands and companies contributes to their credibility as artists long after graduating.


One of the benefits of being located on the Gold Coast, is the volume of incredible productions that the city attracts.  Often there are opportunities where our students are requested to assist on set.  Students have have had the privilege to work on feature films, amazing fashion shows, music videos, with youtube and Instagram celebrities, and even on theatre productions.

In class HUXLEY students participate in amazing collaborations with real brands, magazines or organisations on a wide variety of commercial, editorial and charitable projects.  Students have had the pleasure to work on projects with brands like; Frank Body, Moana Bikini, Kryolan, Eye of Horus, Village Road Show, Movie World, Versace, Mens Fitness Magazine, Pacific Fair, Queensland Performing Arts Centre and so much more!


There is so much more to professional makeup artistry than smokey eyes and painting on some foundation.  For this reason, the Huxley School of Makeup has included modules that help to develop the students confidence, customer service and business acumen.  For example, each teaching term the Huxley School of Makeup invites a customer service and business development expert to inspire the students and teach important soft skills to aid with their personal development.


The Huxley school of makeup is a supporter of the makeup industry and the professional artists who make it so special.  As an industry leader and reputable education provider, reputable brands, productions and artist often come to us when they require additional crew or even employment opportunities.  From a work experience perspective, the Huxley School of Makeup actively organises work experience opportunities for the students.  HUXLEY students are also invited to industry events and additional workshops with brands like MAC and Kryolan.



An essential tool for any professional makeup artist is a comprehensive portfolio.  It is incredibly important that this portfolio represents your own aesthetic but more importantly, the audience who you want to market to.  Given the diversity of career paths within the wider makeup industry, professional makeup portfolios can be equally diverse.  Throughout the teaching term, students are encouraged to express their creativity and for this reason ever student walks away with a portfolio which is uniquely their own.


HUXLEY is known for producing exciting photo shoots featuring students incredible work.  On average the Huxley School of Makeup curates over 70 professional photo shoots in state of the art HUXLEY studio.  Students in the Progressive Makeup Artistry Course shoot over 21times throughout their course with a fashion photographer, not only getting beautiful photos but also gaining invaluable studio experience working in a variety of realistic work scenarios.


As another Australian first, the Huxley School of Makeup is providing beautiful video portfolios which enable the students to showcase their skills to potential film and tv clients.


Each teaching term, the Huxley School of Makeup organises incredible work experience opportunities for students.  Everything from big Hollywood blockbuster feature films, to independent productions, music videos, fashion shows and so much more!  The opportunities change every term and these placement can often lead to future employment opportunities.

“Dreams come in sizes too big so we can grow into them”
– Jossie Bisset