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For years people have looked to the stars, wondering if there is life beyond our beautiful blue planet.  Unfortunately, or fortunately… (depending on how you look at it), the evidence is still out.

This said, rumours has it, that at HUXLEY several  extraterrestrial creatures have been spotted!  We can’t confirm their intensions with us regular humans, so keep a look out and please PLEASE, let us know if you spot any of those cheeky buggers around the Gold Coast!  

On average, just including student portfolio shots, we take about 60,000 images.  

However, when you include campaigns, collaborations and general content days.. well it’s almost impossible count. 

One year we worked out that there was over 110 shoots at the school and our data library collected over 120,000 high res image files. 

On average our students get 2 portfolio photos from every shoot they participate in.  Sometimes more if it was really amazing or sometimes less, if things didn’t quite work out for the look.  You can imagine, that with our Diploma (CUA51020) students shooting between 6 to 14+ times throughout the course, there is a HUGE amount of work that goes into producing this content and in preparing their portfolios.  But it’s all worth it, because we love seeing their amazing work come to life!

Yea durr! Why test on animals when you can test on humans 😉

When you surround yourself with other like minded, passionate people with similar interests, you’re bound to make new connections.  One of the coolest things about HUXLEY is the positive culture at the school.  We love watching students make life long friends while studying with us.

Every year for the past 5 years.. it should be noted that before that, the school didn’t enter any awards.  MIC DROP

In all seriousness, we don’t need trophies and awards to tell us that we’re the best, because you just need to see how students work. 

At the end of the day, what makes a great school is great students.  So we are here 100% for them and not for any glass statues or fancy pieces of paper.

eek. So hard to answer this, because over the years our students have gone on to work with celebs like Britney Spears and Nichole Swartzinger from the Pussy Cat Dolls and worked on some of the largest film productions in the world, like Elvis, King Kong and countless others.  

One really cool story comes to mind, when a recent graduate was flown to Africa to shoot a campaign.  Within 12 months of graduating, she had worked on 5 major campaigns that included trips to Samoa, NZ and of course Africa.  She even did the makeup and hair for a Playboy shoot!  Thats Hustle!   

There has been some massive shoots and films, but nothing compares to the Commonwealth Games where students worked in the hair and makeup department for the offical Opening and Closing Ceremonies.  Let’s put it into perspective; there were close to 7000 people featured in the shows, from mass cast to headline talent, dignitaries and athletes. Students worked across multiple areas, assisting with the games prep and of course the actual makeup and hair for talent during the ceremonies.  


From working on blockbuster films like the Matrix to international fashion campaigns, HUXLEY trainers are extremely experienced.

Our trainers students’ development first. HUXLEY educators are industry pros with remarkable insight, skill, and passion for training. Students are mentored, guided, and nurtured to realise their full potential.

When it comes to trainers, the HUXLEY approach just makes sense: Courses are delivered by experienced educators who have actually worked and excelled within the fields they teach. This way students gain a genuine, deeper appreciation and understanding of the disciplines they’re learning.

It seems obvious but unfortunately, this isn’t the case for most education providers. The Huxley School Of Makeup has a huge network of industry professionals across the entire scope of the makeup industry. Having this industry insight has both educational and inspirational benefits. Learning from artists who lead international campaigns around the world, or have worked on the biggest feature film productions is pretty special.  Imagine rubbing shoulders with industry icons.  You can at HUXLEY!

Of course not! You just need passion and motivation, and we will show you the rest. It does not matter if you have never picked up a makeup brush, anyone can become a pro when surrounded by industry professionals and through consistent practice.

With relevant industry-standard skills, a wealth of work experience, and a complete professional portfolio; HUXLEY graduates are highly employable. Students have gone on to work in all aspects of the makeup industry including retail cosmetics, fashion, photographic, e-com, social media, bridal, theatre, drag, film and TV industries.

Our team at HUXLEY is experienced at teaching all individuals, so no matter who you are and your abilities, we can help you reach your educational objectives! 

From a learning perspective, we appreciate that students all learn differently.  Our courses are personalised and we can tailor a study plan that best suits you, no matter who you are or what your skill level is.  

ABSOLUTELY! At HUXLEY we celebrate all our students regardless of their sexuality, gender or  identity.  We judge our students based on their attitude, work ethic and performance.. not how they look or identify.  

Short answer: Yes. The mode of your studies is ultimately up to you. Our friendly admin team can help you to decide on a study load that suits you and your work commitments. While the courses at HUXLEY are intense and meticulous, most students still work and find time for their personal life outside of class.  

HUXLEY is pro health and safety and would encourage students to seek professional medical advice by a Doctor if they’re questioning their capacity to be vaccinated.   

Some work experience placements require students to be fully vaccinated.  Students completing a Diploma of Screen and Media qualification at HUXLEY will complete a COVID safe practices certificate as a part of their training.  

While we encourage vaccination for eligible individuals, we are not enforcing any mandatory vaccination policies at this time.   

There is plenty of street and public parking close to the school.  Check out google maps for the safest way to come to class and reach out to the HUXLEY staff for further information.  

Yes! In fact on average, 50% of our students don’t live on the Gold Coast and travel to school.  

Our Burleigh campus is super close to major roads and highways so it is easy to access from anywhere on the coast, from Brisbane or Northern Rivers.  

For students wanting to move to the Gold Coast to study, please chat with one of our friendly staff for accomodation advice. 

Visit our models page and complete this form > MODELS 


To apply you will need to complete our application form online then come in for an interview with one of our Course Conveners. Once successful you can then enrol in a course.

After you complete your application form we will have a good understanding of who you are and why you would like to study with HUXLEY. We basically want to get a feel for who you are as an individual and confirm you are who you say you are on paper. After your interview we will be in contact to let you know if you have been accepted!

The Huxley School of Makeup enrols applicants who are diligent, motivated individuals with a passion for makeup and are looking to work within the makeup industry in some capacity. After completing the online application form in full, applicants are contacted and are scheduled an interview with the course convener at the school.  During this interview, applicants are asked a series of questions about the interests, goals and motivation for applying.  In the best interests of the industry and to control a positive in class dynamic, the Huxley School of Makeup has a strict policy to only accept applicants who share an interest in makeup, aspire to work within the makeup industry, and have the ability to up hold the core values of the HUXLEY brand which includes and is not limited too, performance, presentation, professionalism and positivity.

The Huxley School of Makeup does not prejudice applicants based on gender, sexual orientation, religion or ethnicity.  Makeup is an art form for everyone.

careers & work experience

Anything and everything that comes our way. We look after the legalities of work experience and ensure the process is as simple as possible. We encourage students to get as much real-world experience as possible to best enhance their skillset.

Our network for work experience opportunities expands into all creative industries. We have worked with brands such as YSL, MECCA, Sephora, Mercedes Benz, Lorna Jane, Oscar Oscar, Moana Bikini, and SASKI. We have also been apart of the crew behind the scenes of Thor, Aquaman, Elvis and Priscilla Queen of The Desert (The Musical). 

Of course! Our HUXLEY team are here to guide you through your learning and career journey. Each staff member has experience in different corners of the creative industry and can offer unmatched advise to ensure you will succeed.

We attend most of the annual career expo’s on the Gold Coast, Brisbane and in Townsville, so if you are around and would like to ask us questions come say hi!

Work experience. Work experience. Work experience.

There are lots of ways to get started but for most people they need a solid foundation of skills, work experience, and a portfolio to back up that experience. This way, when meeting clients or employers you can be confident in your skills and you can showcase your work and talent.  As a freelance makeup artist you must also be insured, and have a current Australian Business Number (ABN).


YES! Our CUA51020 Diploma of Screen & Media (Specialist Make-up Services) is a fully accredited program back by Australia’s largest education provider TAFE Queensland (0275). The Huxley School of Makeup is an ISO Internationally accredited company that specialises in professional makeup training and education. HUXLEY is however, a private education provider and our courses are developed to the highest industry standards. Our courses have been described by industry leaders as “Unique and Amazing” and “The best place to study makeup”. To uphold this reputation, applicants are screened and students must complete a series of rigorous assessments.  On completion of a course, successful passing students receive a Certificate of Attainment for the program they completed.  All the modules, work experience hours, and assignments must be completed to the standard set by the school.  While our competency levels are very high, it is our mission to help all our students reach their educational objectives. So, unlike many other schools whose core objective is enrollment numbers and funding, Huxley School of Makeup takes pride in the fact that HUXLEY students are always put first. 

Yes! We are partnered with TAFE Queensland, which means you may be eligible for VET Student Loans or VETiS Funding. Just contact us and we can check your eligibility!

You sure can! We offer our Diploma of Screen and Media Specialist makeup Services in a Blended delivery.

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Yes we do! 

We run our exclusive Professional Hair Styling course which perfectly pairs with our Diploma. This course can also be completed alone, or if you are unable to commit to the entire course, visit our Workshops page and select a specific unit you would like to attend and upskill in.

The Huxley School of Makeup offers course positions exclusively to successful applicants who complete our application process. Class sizes are kept small from 10-25 so you have plenty of individual contact time with your trainer.

For what we provide, not at all!  You will be happy to know we offer all our students flexible payment plans to make it easy to pay off your course. Payments vary depending on your course and instalment plan. For more info about payment plans, please contact the school administration and we can give you a specific break down that relates to your course.

Depending on your circumstances each student will be eligable for different Centrelink claims while studying at HUXLEY. Our team can guide you how to navigate this!

As a professional makeup artist you will require a kit. The Huxley School Of Makeup offers students affordable kits which can be purchased through payment plans. Our kits include everything from a complete brush set, to products such as palettes, to disposable tools, SFX materials, sanitary supplies + more!

I hope you’re sitting down, because students studying our Diploma Of Specialist Makeup, Progressive Makeup Artistry Course, Special Effects, and Professional Hair Styling Course, all gain the opportunity to have their work professionally photographed. We now offer VIDEO PORTFOLIOS too! Students in our Diploma Of Specialist Makeup will shoot a massive 14 times throughout their course with a professional photographer.

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