Utopian Bridal Editorial

For our January 2018 intake, our students worked together on an elegant bridal editorial where they had the chance to collaborate with the stunning Ella Moda bridal gowns, professionally styled by Carina Boyle, a Gold Coast based fashion stylist.
The students were provided with a brief to create some beautiful bridal makeup looks for their models with inspiration drawn from a utopian concept, a vision of purity, a moment in time, luxury and pleasure.
The set was created starting with a glossy black background, covered in an abundance of lavish overgrown greenery, built from live plants that was designed, created and constructed by Julia Rose, an award winning floral designer. Within this production, we aimed to have an opulent, lush aesthetic, in shades of rain forest green to really elevate the focus on the bride. With this stark contrast we aimed to rival the usual traditions of soft and elegant themes that usually are accompanied by the idea of a wedding. With some gorgeous models sourced from local talent as well as a prestigious Gold Coast agency, Que models, we aimed to depict powerful women in charge. With the use of lighting on set, we created different multi-toned points of light to construct interesting depth and a unique overall vision. Through this concept we have portrayed women who are unique, unrivalled and uncompromised. Women who aren’t following rules or trends, they’re creating them.

The gowns created by Ella Moda, are contemporary and fashionable whilst still having traditional touches, creating a masterpiece of lace and silk, ivory hues and immaculate detail.

The over all vision was brought to life by an amazing team of diligent students and crew under creative direction of the Huxley Team. The final result is an accurate representation of how much hard work, dedication, focus and talent went into this production and we are proud to share the final images with you, alongside a professionally cut video, which really enhances the overall viewing experience of the editorial.

Our highly talented and skilful team used their years of experience and precise expertise to execute the concept for the editorial.
Amongst the crew we had the likes of Julia Rose who is an award winning floral designer with over 20 years of experience within the industry. Her stunning and intricate work has been seen in major Australian publications, social media platforms as well as websites such as Pinterest, which are saturated with her art.

Ella Moda is a Brisbane based bridal label created by Ella Stephenson. The dresses have a unique style of elegant and classic cuts with romantic detail, constructed with delicate care from the best quality silks and laces. Ella Moda bride is fashion-forward, though not trend-focused, it is contemporary and modern, with an affinity for luxury and finer things in life.
Our stylist involved, Carina Boyle, has an exceptional and unique style that can only be described as a harmonious mix of her cultural experiences, starting from her home country Austria, as well as her time spent living and working in China and Australia. The fashion-focused individual is specialised in women’s fashion and has worked with respected and reputable brands such as H&M, Prada and Bvlgari.

Our media team consisted of two hard working individuals, who together captured the essence and aura of the night through film and photography.

Ayla Starace, is an international fashion photographer. Ayla has lived and worked overseas in Milan, Paris and London, creating content for exceptional model talent, European campaigns and editorials. She has a flair for sleek, polished photographic portraiture, with a refined ability to inspire a sense of power and pride from her female subjects.

Our cinematographer Robbie Caccaviello is a fresh-faced filmmaker, who has, within the last twelve months, surged on the film scene, securing first option to direct one of the Australia’s best selling young adult fictional novels! As a New York Film Academy graduate, Robbie has gone on to produce content for a wide range of commercial and personal projects, with his unique and distinguished style, each piece of film produced is executed with precision, passion, skill and talent.

Michael is the course convener of the school as well as the creative director on set. Michael began his career in creative arts as a makeup artist for Yves Saint Laurent and to this day has maintained a successful career as an international artist. Michael is passionate about art direction and constantly produces photographic and video projects through his studio in Burleigh Heads. With Michael’s expert direction and creative eye on set, he aided the students and crew to expertly accomplish the task at hand and create a stunning and immaculate result.







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