Huxley x Lorna Jane

For our Fashion shoot for the January intake of 2018, we had the opportunity to collaborate with the amazing Lorna Jane women’s active wear. Lorna Jane Clarkson founded Lorna Jane over 28 years ago, where she didn’t just join the active wear industry – she invented it.

Our students were given the task to create some powerful and glamorous makeup looks, with the brief being sleek, stunning and fashion forward. With this we aimed to create a strong and fierce aesthetic for our shoot, showing that the idea for this editorial was a picture of health, vibrancy and fitness. Using models sourced from local talent as well as the Gold Coast modelling agency – Que Models, the girls really portrayed fierce and transcendent women of power, someone to idolise, a role model. Upholding the aesthetic of tenacious and influential beings, our models were really able to showcase the students stunning and diverse work, each one just as unique and outstanding as the next.

Using various locations and backgrounds for the editorial, we created a diverse series of images to accommodate the various styled outfits. We used our in house studio to create different sets, differing from soccer goals to archery ranges. With help from W Events Group, we managed to construct gorgeous arrays of floral backgrounds and props, as well as in collaboration with Starke Fitness gym – located in Burleigh Heads, we were able to execute a number of looks in their vicinities, using numerous props such as battle ropes and weights.

The overall aesthetic and vision of our fashion shoot this January intake was to really show how diverse the idea of fashion could be, how powerful, energetic and influential women can be – how Lorna Jane active wear can interpret a message of fitness and health, of energetic and influential role models.

With our A team working hard at it again, they managed to capture the message we were aiming to depict through photo and film. With Ayla Starace taking photos and Robbie Caccaviello on film, closely guided by Michael Huxley’s creative direction, the end result was one of beauty and precise expertise.
Our diligent and talented students executed each strong and unique makeup look with ease and attention, showing the high level of expertise and dedication each student at Huxley School of Makeup possesses.


Lorna Jane Clarkson founded Lorna Jane over 28 years ago, from the very beginning Lorna’s vision for the brand has extended beyond just creating an Active wear product. It is Lorna’s way of life that constantly inspires the brand’s Active Living philosophy and family practice of Move, Nourish and Believe.
The three Lorna Jane brand icons represent the family practice of Move, Nourish and Believe – Moving every day, Nourishing from the inside out and Believing that anything is possible. They appear on every Lorna Jane garment as a constant reminder that Active Living is more than just words. These icons are a personal reminder every day to act on your dreams, work on your wellness and truly believe that anything is possible – We call it the Lorna Jane difference.

WE ARE more than a makeup school!

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