Stay Trendy This Winter

Heat is shot as a satire to our beloved fashion, with disinterested models dishing out their best RBF (Resting Bitch Face) while engaging in some kind of casting scenario. The setting has our girls engaging with the camera as if you’re the casting agent.

Our imaginary agency waiting room is fitted out with amazing Matt Blatt furniture. We love their store but if you can’t find one close to you check out their website

We hope you love the video. Below are a couple snaps from the film shot by Dan Molloy.

Full cast and crew details are at the bottom of the page.

The Gold Coast is blessed with beautiful weather all year round but for most of the continent Summer is on its last legs clinging on amongst pockets of sunshine.

There are of course a couple positives comrades with winter.

Hot chocolate… mmm definitely a winter warming fave and a guilty pleasure

Cuddles… winter is the perfect time to shack up and watch movies under the blankets with your bestie or lover

FASHION… you can layer, you can wear dark colours and not feel like Morticia and you don’t need to walk out of the house with a detailed understanding of the closest air conditioned venues.

Understandably winter isn’t for everyone.

You could escape the winter chills with a trip to the northern hemisphere or perhaps a warm island paradise. But for most of us you’ll need to get your summer fashion fix elsewhere.

Here are our tips;


Heavy cake face was so 2014, so remember just because your layering your clothes, doesn’t mean you should layer your makeup super thick. So regarding everyone’s fave Kim Kardashian makeup look, simply contour from the base to avoid a build up of product.

Get pro at colour matching and concealing!
Half the battle with our complexion is coving up little imperfections. Yes you can cover them with a mask but that wont do you any favours. Understand your colour theory and you can use a minimal amount of makeup to do the same job as the thick stuff! (Check out our workshops and classes for more).


Winter isn’t about one style in particular, it is about having style and rocking it. When in doubt, clean and healthy hair never goes out of fashion, so present with a look that suits you and most importantly what your comfortable with.


It might be colder than a bucket of Ben and Jerry’s outside but that doesn’t mean your jacket and boots should be your only fashion accessory you wear this winter. You can get away with wearing the same coat over and over again if you mix up the outfit underneath. My personal fav is a simple dark coat over a super bright and colourful dress or shirt. It say, “Yes it’s cold, but take my coat off and I’ll bring the heat!”

For a sticky beak at some of the hottest trends in fashion take a look at our Heat video and for more amazing clothes and accessories head over to


Created at Huxley School of Makeup

Elijah Cavanagh

Michael Huxley

Lindy Hartley (HSM Trainer)
Chelsea Brown | Lalita Goode | Tatiana Bizley | Shaelagh McLaughlin

Brittaney | Emily | Miranda | Orla | Scarlett | T.J

Georgia Dal Broi

Another Love

Matt Blatt

remix of Yelle – Dans ta vraie vie

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