What is Strobing?

Strobing is one of the biggest makeup trends happening today! Strobing is a makeup technique that uses highlighting products to make the skin look illuminated.
Some say this technique will take over the contouring world. What do you think?

Here is our step by step process on how/why the technique of strobing is used and some beautiful reference images.

These steps are all places where the technique of strobing can is used. Not all steps are needed to use this technique.

1. Cheek Bone – Highlighting the highest points of the cheek bones will give the appearance of lifted cheeks. This section can have the strongest highlight.

2. Nose – Highlighting the bridge of the nose and the tip will lighten the bridge which can sometimes give the nose a smaller appearance. This section looks most effective when using a light hand.

3. Brow Bone – Highlighting the brow bone will give the effect of a lifted brow.

4. Cupid’s Bow – Highlighting this area gives the effect of larger/plump lips.

5. Forehead – Highlighting this area will leave the skin looking dewy. This section is optional and if too much highlight is applied it can make the skin look oily.

6. Chin – Highlighting the chin can give the appearance of a more pointed or lifted chin. This step should also be applied lightly.

7. Tear Duck – Highlighting the inner tear duck opens up the eyes to give the appearance of larger and bigger eyes.

8. Jaw Bone – Highlighting the jaw bone will enhance and bring out the structure of the jaw line. This section should also be used with a light hand.

Having these steps in mind, there are certain places strobing shouldn’t be used.
These places are on the sides of the nose/cheek as this can emphasise any pores and over any fine lines as this will accentuate them.
Using excessive product or placing the highlight where it doesn’t need to be can defeat the purpose using this technique and leave you will a shiny face that may look oily.

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