Our May 2015 Fashion and Beauty Artistry students had the pleasure of using garments and accessories from Rosa & Mary’s Bridal Shop for their bridal shoot.
The students had to create their own bridal look which complimented the garments they choose. They were also able to style the garments with head pieces and jewellery which added a lovely touch.

Once again a big thankyou to Rosa & Mary’s Bridal Shop for supplying these beautiful pieces.

Here are a few photos from the shoot.

Last semester the Fashion & Beauty Artistry students work from their beauty shoot was published in Institute Magazine! We created the title “Honey, You Like” which suits the look perfectly as you can see.

Institute Magazine is the worlds most exclusive online fashion destination; check out this link to see their post with our talented students work on it.
Institute Magazine

Our last intake of the Fashion & Beauty Makeup Artistry students were super lucky to have Eye of Horus at the school during their egyptian inspired module!
All the students were given a gift and a challenge to create either a “Luna Goddess” or a “Desert Goddess” by the lovely girls at Eye of Horus.

The students got the exciting experience of using unreleased products to create the looks!
The students who also created the best Luna and Dessert looks overall won the entire Eye of Horus makeup range! How cool is that!

Our lucky winners for this was Renee Clarke and Shannen Martin. Congratulations girls!
Well done to all the students for creating such beautiful looks, it definitely made Eye of Horus’s job hard.
A big thank you to Eye of Horus again for all your generous gifts and continuous support!

Here are the two winning looks. Renee’s Desert Goddess; which incorporated a dark smokey eye with a dramatic gold doubled winged liner (which is a new product coming soon) and of course a lot of highlight and Shannen’s Luna Goddess incorporated a sharp, dramatic purple eye with silver winged liner (also a new product coming soon).





Necks cut open and spines severed alive, just so they can be made into $40,000 Birkin handbags and watch straps!

The shocking and disgusting treatment of animals by major labels and brands is beyond unacceptable in our modern connected economy. Social media has brought attention to the lack of compassion that many companies have for animal rights. So why is it, that when most people around the world believe that it is unacceptable to treat animals like this, do brands continue their barbaric practices?Maybe it’s because people keep consuming these products.

Albert Einstein once said “The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil but by those who watch them without doing anything.”

The first step towards helping is to be educated on what is actually happening (follow this link to see the shocking imagery for your self WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT – Cruel Reality Behind Burkin Crocodile Hand Bags )

The next step is to help spread awareness. Here at the Huxley School of Makeup we gave our students the task of helping to spread awareness using the art of makeup and body paint. We are strongly against the senseless torture of animals and we’re so proud of our students for getting on board with this important awareness project!

Here are some of our favorite shots from the night. We believe the images speak for themselves but ultimately the choice is yours. Be a compassionate consumer…

Link to video here

Photography by Linda Puetter Photography

“Brows On Fleek” is a term that has been trending for a while now, but what does it mean? This term is just another way of saying perfect brows. It came from a youtube video of a lady using this term “Brows On Fleek” and then turned viral!

The centre image shows the structure of the brow. It demonstrates where the brow should start, where the arch should be, where the tail of the brow should finish and how high/low the brows should be placed.

Here is our step by step process on how to get your “Brows On Fleek”

Each step uses different products and tools. Not all steps need to be followed in order to create your preferred brows.


Brush brow hairs up and into your preferred shape.

Most eyebrow pencils have a brush on the end. If they don’t you can use a spoolie for this.


Fill in brows using small strokes to mimic brow hairs.

There are various products on the market for this step. These are brow pencils, powders and pomades.


Use a brow gel to set your brows in place.

You can use a clear brow gel for this or you can use tinted gels to match your brow colour.

Strobing is one of the biggest makeup trends happening today! Strobing is a makeup technique that uses highlighting products to make the skin look illuminated.
Some say this technique will take over the contouring world. What do you think?

Here is our step by step process on how/why the technique of strobing is used and some beautiful reference images.

These steps are all places where the technique of strobing can is used. Not all steps are needed to use this technique.

1. Cheek Bone – Highlighting the highest points of the cheek bones will give the appearance of lifted cheeks. This section can have the strongest highlight.

2. Nose – Highlighting the bridge of the nose and the tip will lighten the bridge which can sometimes give the nose a smaller appearance. This section looks most effective when using a light hand.

3. Brow Bone – Highlighting the brow bone will give the effect of a lifted brow.

4. Cupid’s Bow – Highlighting this area gives the effect of larger/plump lips.

5. Forehead – Highlighting this area will leave the skin looking dewy. This section is optional and if too much highlight is applied it can make the skin look oily.

6. Chin – Highlighting the chin can give the appearance of a more pointed or lifted chin. This step should also be applied lightly.

7. Tear Duck – Highlighting the inner tear duck opens up the eyes to give the appearance of larger and bigger eyes.

8. Jaw Bone – Highlighting the jaw bone will enhance and bring out the structure of the jaw line. This section should also be used with a light hand.

Having these steps in mind, there are certain places strobing shouldn’t be used.
These places are on the sides of the nose/cheek as this can emphasise any pores and over any fine lines as this will accentuate them.
Using excessive product or placing the highlight where it doesn’t need to be can defeat the purpose using this technique and leave you will a shiny face that may look oily.

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