Fashion & Beauty Makeup Artistry

The Fashion & Beauty Makeup Artistry Course is designed for people who aspire to be exceptional makeup artists. The modules are 100% designed by professional makeup artists to ensure you get the best, most up to date training.

Class sizes are kept small because in such a technical trade, private attention is imperative. Each class has only 6-8 students and classes are limited each teaching term. This way everyone gets plenty of individual time with their trainer and won’t fall behind.

Successful applicants will study 35 intense and meticulous modules that cover everything from core makeup discipline through to advanced technique. All FBMUA modules are unique to the school and cover important makeup artistry skills. Students develop an eye for detail with sophisticated precision.

Our Fashion & Beauty Makeup Artistry students develop amazing portfolios throughout the course shooting with a professional Fashion Photographer over 12 times! (All the photos in this publication are 100% produced by the Huxley School of Makeup and our students.) Our in-house photographer provides students with vital industry insight.

The Huxley School of Makeup proudly provides our students with amazing work experience placement. Each term there are countless opportunities to receive first hand industry experience. We tailor these positions to suit our students educational objectives. For example; in the past, students who inclined towards the bridal industry have worked on actual weddings, bridal expos and fashion shows. Students who aspire to work in film and TV have the opportunity to work on music videos, short films and much more!

Huxley’s state of the art facilities enable students to get the most out of their course. While studying with us, students use makeup provided by the school. As you may have read, the Huxley School of Makeup has no brand bias. Students learn actual technique and discover different ways of applying all types of makeup products. All FBMUA students receive a basic makeup kit plus a beautiful professional HUXLEY brush roll valued at $400!




Discovering how to prep and prime the skin properly is essential for effective makeup application. The skin is the largest organ in the body and is extremely complex. As a makeup artist it is important to also have a general understanding of the function and structure of the skin.


The complexion is arguably the most important component of the makeup. Professional makeup artists must have a thorough understanding of different types of complexion products (textures and compositions) and also how to best apply them.


Contouring principles applied in all makeup technique. In this module you’ll discover how the relationship between light and shade effects the appearance of facial structures.


A lot can be assumed by the colour of a ladies lips. In this class you’ll observe trends throughout history and discover different techniques for applying lip products.


In this class we’ll investigate the colour theory and learn how to effectively apply pigment to the eyes. In the second part of the lesson you’ll discover how to perfectly define the brows.


Face charting is the way that makeup artists can plan the looks that they are going to create.


Combining the principals learnt in previous modules students will create a beautiful natural makeup that enhances the models features.


Students will define the eyes using various techniques including both traditional smokey eyes & socket eye technique.


Using intermediate eye techniques the students will create their own bridal inspired makeup. There work will also be photographed.


It is essential to all makeup artists that they are able to effectively communicate their ideas to their clients and employers.


Working with a mature skin is slightly different to working on younger skin types. Our Mature makeup class explores ways to beautifully apply makeup on mature clients, looking at colour theory, contouring and eye techniques.


Makeup isn’t just for woman. Both men and children require makeup for a multitude of film, photographic and fashion projects. In this class student learn suitable makeup techniques for men and children. They will also resist contouring, learning how to sculpt muscles on the body.


Maintaining continuity is an integral role of any makeup artist working in Film or on TV productions. Students are challenged on time, technique and accuracy in this module, simulating real world scenarios.


As a makeup artist clients may request styles and techniques you’re unfamiliar with. Tackling difficult technique can be challenging so our students discover ways to break down complex looks.


Asian cultures are beautiful and have a rich history of fashion and beauty traditions. Student research and develop their own Asian inspired look in this class to complement the brief provided.


There are as many shades of black skin as there are of white and it is a necessity that professional makeup artists are capable of working with darker skin complexions. Understanding colour theory, contouring principles and more.


The Egyptian people were some of the first to develop cosmetics and have inspired people for thousands of years. Students apply advance techniques while working on darker skin types.


There is more to being a successful MUA than being good at painting a face. By embracing happiness and positive thinking your goals will become more attainable, your work ethic and customer service will improve and you’ll make faster, wiser decisions.


Countless stories have been told for thousands of years in the ancient art form of theatre. Students get to create their favourite theatre looks discovering different techniques that are suitable for the stage. Anything from Simba to Alice in Wonderland.


Students discover the importance of composition in images while seeing how far they can push the boundaries of contouring. During their live studio session students experience how subtle changes in the makeup can make a huge difference to the overall look.


All our FBMUA students get FREE training in body art, a fantastics skill to acquire for film, tv and fashion industries. Students work with a variety of body art techniques and products. The second part of the module is a group body art challenge.


It’s no lie that our drag class is a hoot! however, students also practice brow blocking and create dramatic looks that go beyond the regular eye shape. Most importantly, it gives everyone an excuse to feel a bit glam and fabulous!


Slay mumma! Looking good and feeling fine are the vibes set in our fashion today class where students work with real brands to develop trending looks that a relevant to modern fashion aesthetics. Every term there are different brands with different concepts!


This module investigates ways to create with fluidity and to think laterally. Students will create looks that are entirely unique and their own. It is heaps of fun, exciting and unsurprisingly much harder than it sounds.


Period makeup looks are often requested for productions by clients looking to recreate an aesthetic from a particular era. Students work on an assessment to investigate a period of their choice and create a look that is inspired by and accurate to that time.


Our FBMUA students get FREE training in Air Brushing during this course! Air brushing has been used for decades and has become a popular application technique that is often requested for weddings and formals. It can also be a fantastic tool for body art.


Our FBMUA students also get FREE training in Spray Tanning! This is a great skill for all MUA’s to have as it can be a good way to meet new clients and increase your revenue. Not to mention, there are obvious benefits to having a sunless tan.


Character development is a huge part of makeup artistry so our students get to create their very own unique character for a hypothetical video game. These characters could be anything from an ethereal goddess to a scary ancient warrior!


The Huxley School of Makeup is incredibly proud of our beauty module where students create high fashion beauty looks for real editorial submission. Students will test with amazing models while having their work shot in HD clarity. (So clear you can see your reflection in your models eye!)