Telling it, like it really is!

Choosing the best place to study makeup is an incredibly important decision, especially when it comes to building a strong foundation for which you can achieve your goals.  At HUXLEY we are completely transparent about the services we offer and have developed a reputation of excellence by consistently achieving exceptional results for our students.  Hence why we often have a waiting list for positions.
We actually care about our students and their educational outcomes.  For this, and many other reasons, the Huxley School of Makeup stands alone as the bench mark of makeup education.  Below are some commonly asked questions, but if you have any queries or questions, please feel free to contact us anytime via email or over the phone  (07)5535 6074 (in Australia).

Are you government accredited?

The Huxley School of Makeup is an ISO Internationally accredited  company that specialises in professional makeup training and education.  As a private education provider, HUXLEY courses are developed to the highest industry standards and has been described by industry leaders as “Unique and Amazing” and “The best place to study makeup”.  To uphold this reputation, applicants are screened and students must complete a series of rigorous assessments.  On completion of a course, successful passing students  receive a Certificate of Attainment.  All the modules, work experience hours and assignments must be completed to the standard set by the school.  While our competency levels are very high, it is our mission to help all our students reach their educational objectives. So, unlike many other schools who’s core objective is enrolments and funding, the Huxley School of Makeup takes pride in the fact that HUXLEY students are always put first.

Do you offer payment plans?

Absolutely.  You will be happy to know we offer all our students flexible payment plans to make it easy to pay off your course. Payments vary depending on your course and installment plan however, there aren’t any massive set-up fees and charges. For more info about payment plans, please contact the school administration and we can give you a specific break down that relates to your course.

Do you have to pay for a makeup or tool kit?

Student in both the Fashion & Beauty Makeup Artistry Course and the Progressive Makeup Artistry Course we will receive  a fantastic makeup kit that includes industry standard products.  The Huxley School of Makeup also provides students with makeup to use during class, with the exception of a few things however, some of those items are in the kits given to students.  Students may want to purchase additional products for their kits.  Student discounts are available.

Can I study part time?

While the courses at HUXLEY are intense and meticulous, most students still work and find time for their personal life outside of class.  Our Fashion & Beauty Makeup Artistry Course is help exclusively in the evenings from 5pm which might suit people who work full time jobs.  This said, with good time management, students have been able to complete the complete Progressive Makeup Artistry Course and still worked full time hours.

What kind of jobs have graduates obtained?

With relevant industry standard skills, a wealth of work experience and a complete professional portfolio; HUXLEY graduates are highly employable. Students have gone on to work in all aspects of the makeup industry including retail cosmetics, fashion, photographic, bridal, film and TV industries.

How many students in each class?

The Huxley School of Makeup offers course positions exclusively to successful applicants who complete our application process. Class sizes are kept small so you have plenty of individual contact time with your trainer.

Do you have to buy a brush roll?

I hope you’re sitting down, because if you study our Progressive Makeup Artistry Course or Fashion & Beauty Makeup Artistry Course, we will give you a beautiful Professional Brush Roll for free (valued at over $400)! Our brushes are made from cruelty-free, hypoallergenic vegan synthetic fibre from Japan. They are hand-made and so soft you’ll need to feel it to believe it!

How do I get work as a Professional Makeup Artist?

There are lots of ways to get started but for most people they need a solid foundation of skills, work experience, and a portfolio to back up that experience. This way, when meeting clients or employers you can be confident in your skills and you can showcase your work and talent.  As a freelance makeup artist you must also be insured, and have a current Australian Business Number (ABN).

How can I apply?

To apply you will need to complete our application form online then come in for an interview with one of our Course Conveners. Once successful you can then enrol in a course.

How can I improve my chances to become a student at HUXLEY? 

The Huxley School of Makeup enrols applicants who are diligent, motivated individuals with a passion for makeup and are looking to work within the makeup industry in some capacity.  After completing the online application form in full, applicants are contacted and are scheduled an interview with the course convener at the school.  During this interview, applicants are asked a series of questions about the interests, goals and motivation for applying.  In the best interests of the industry and to control a positive in class dynamic, the Huxley School of Makeup has a strict policy to only accept applicants who share an interest in makeup, aspire to work within the makeup industry, and have the ability to up hold the core values of the HUXLEY brand which includes and is not limited too, performance, presentation, professionalism and positivity.

The Huxley School of Makeup does not prejudice applicants based on gender, sexual orientation, religion or ethnicity.  Makeup is an art form for everyone.