The Huxley School of Makeup is a unique, exclusive, educational institute which provides practical unbiased Fashion Makeup courses that inspire, inform and develop makeup skills. Students can expect to learn essential techniques, industry skills and up-to-date Fashion Makeup trends.

Our experienced and qualified trainers put your development first. Our keen eye for detail, constructive teaching methods and individual attention for all our students will ensure you reach your learning objectives. The Huxley School of Makeup’s exceptional and thorough fashion makeup courses are competitively priced, unbiased, educational, flexible to suit your needs and most importantly, FUN!

The Huxley School of Makeup has experienced trainers who are both knowledgeable and supportive. Our courses are intense and meticulous so having exceptional personable trainers encourages the best results from our students.

“When you have the tools and skills to create you can be creative.”
-Michael Huxley

There are endless ways you can apply makeup and countless tools and products to use. As a makeup artist you must be; resourceful, versatile with skills and able to make creative and informed decisions on the spot.

To enable our students to get the best results, the course structure of both our popular Fashion & Beauty Makeup Artistry Course and Professional Hair Styling Course was inspired by Pearson & Gallagher (1983) ‘Gradual Release of Responsibility’ teaching model. Students interact in a four-phase learning environment:

Focused lessons – “I do it”
Guided Instructions – “We do it”
Collaborative tasks – “You do it together” and
Independent activities – “You do it alone”

This teaching method has been proven countless times to be the best method for learning because it mentors students with all types of learning abilities to become capable thinkers who can handle tasks independently. In short, it means our students get actual skills, have amazing results and can continue to grow and develop even after they graduate.

The Huxley School of Makeup understands it takes a lot more than knowing how to match a foundation colour to be a professional makeup artist. So we have included several unique business, personal development and industry interactive modules in our courses. The following features are from our FBMUA Course;

Makeup Artistry is a dynamic trade with specific requirements for artists depending on their chosen specialties. Throughout the course, students are taught how to develop ideas and translate these to other creatives.They also discover consultation methods to ensure they can deliver the best experience possible for their clients and employers.

Happiness and goal setting might not sound like the type of subjects you would study at a makeup school, but they are so relevant to anyone who wants to become a successful makeup artist and most importantly gain ultimate fulfillment in life. Developing and understanding your goals allows you to focus on what is important to you. By embracing happiness and positive thinking your goals will become more attainable, your work ethic and customer service will improve and you’ll make faster, wiser decisions.

“Dreams come in sizes too big so we can grow into them”
– Jossie Bisset

Each term the Huxley School of Makeup enlists the help of the company Happy Hemisphere to facilitate our personal development module. Students discover goal setting techniques, customer service principles, and most importantly a little bit about themselves.
This module happens right in the middle of the course to refocus students, get them thinking about post graduate goals and help them navigate their creative vision.
Check out more about Happy Hemisphere at


Throughout the year, the Huxley School of Makeup plays host to some amazing workshops and special guest lectures on specific technique, new and innovative products and interest topics from industry pros. To get a full calendar guide to upcoming events and workshops please email admin@huxleyschoolofmakeup.com. In the past we have had incredible celebrity makeup artists such as Martin Bray (x-factor HOD, mua for Kylie Minogue, INXS, Kelly Rowland), international body artist, Becca Gilmartin (Kimbra, Flume, MAC, MBSFW) and many other amazing guests holding workshops and training at the school.

The Huxley School of Makeup has been described by industry leaders as “unique and amazing” and “the best place to study makeup”. On Completion of our FBUMA Course and our PHS Course students receive a Certificate of Attainment for completing all modules to the schools’ standard. There are several assessments to ensure students are reaching the required benchmarks and while our standards of competency are quite high, it’s our mission to ensure that all students have the best opportunities to develop the required skills and reach their educational objectives.


The Huxley School of Makeup is 100% free from brand bias. That means our students learn how to use different types of products without focusing solely on one brand. The Huxley School of Makeup also endorses animal cruelty-free products and companies with environmentally responsible practices. The Huxley School of Makeup is a supporter of the Australian charity the Animal Welfare League. For donations or to see how you can help please visit www.awlqld.com.au

Our classes are kept small so you get heaps of attention from your trainer. Our FBMUA and PHS Courses have a maximum of 8 students in each class group. Student also have access to our student coordinators and the course convener at any time throughout their course for any additional assistance.